J. G. Cogswell Gunsmithing

Order and Shipping policy 
All firearms orders must be shipped to a valid FFL Address inside the continental United States of America. Non FFL license customers may still purchase firearms on GunsmithingGuns.com but must contact their local FFL firearms dealer and have them fax a file copy of their FFL to J G Cogswell Gunsmithing (607)-583-2630 and the firearm will be shipped to that address where the buyer will complete the NICS background check before claiming the firearm. Call or fax order at (607)-583-2630. Payment can be made VIA Certified Check or Money Order mailed to -  J G Cogswell Gunsmithing - or At the time of order by Visa, MasterCard, Discover card, or 
                               9920 Nadjadi Rd
                              Savona NY 14879
American Express. A 3% fee will be charged for credit card processing. Final price on order will include sales tax, shipping and handling charges, and Credit card processing fee (where applicable).